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Terms & Conditions

1) You can cancel a booking before arriving but please note, as per the terms and conditions you agree to on booking, the 15% booking fee (or maximum fee where applicable) paid at the time of booking is non-refundable. If for some reason the host must cancel your booking, we will refund you the booking fee.

2) In exceptional circumstances where you must cancel, we'll consider a refund of this booking fee. This is completely at the discretion of

3) In any or all other cases where a refund of the booking fee you paid is under review by Homestay Technologies Limited, you must have made first contact with Homestay Technologies Limited at least 24 hours after check-in-date.

4) Returned items reported late by the merchants, and have cashbacks already credited to the user may lead to deductions in future cashback disbursements to reflect the late merchant adjustment.