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Grab Express promo

Php49 flat fare for Grab Assistant deliveries (for new users of GrabAssistant)

2021-05-10 to 2021-07-01


Grab Express promo
*terms and conditions may apply

Terms & Conditions

1) This CashBack is for First time users ONLY.

2) Any fees which you pay Grab for the Service are due immediately and are non-refundable. Subject to any limit stipulated by the applicable law, the Service Fee shall be a percentage of the User Charges, as determined by Grab from time to time. This no-refund policy shall apply at all times.

3) Do not ask your driver to speed or commit traffic violations, including stopping at unsafe or illegal locations.

4) Do not cheat or defraud Grab by any method such as sharing or creating duplicate accounts. Use only the official Grab application downloaded from the Google Play/ Apple Store.

5) Returned items reported late by the merchants, and have cashbacks already credited to the user may lead to deductions in future cashback disbursements to reflect the late merchant adjustment.