Terms & Conditions

1) Cashbacks and Rebates are NOT applicable to promos and discount campaigns on the site.

2) By making a booking through the Site, you make an offer to book a reservation at the price listed for such reservation and such other terms and conditions stated on the Site. This shall become a binding contract formed in Singapore pursuant to the Terms of Use when accepted by the Accommodation and consequently Agoda. You will receive proof of the confirmed Accommodation booking via an e-mail confirmation (with a voucher for prepaid Accommodations),which means the reservation has been confirmed by the Accommodation. The “thank you page” means your reservation request has been received and is complete for final processing, no further action is required by you. We reserve the right to reject bookings as set out below.

3) We reserve the right not to accept you or bookings (or in exceptional cases to cancel confirmed ones) at our discretion and for whatever (legal) reason without the need to justify such refusal.

4) In rare cases, we may also have to cancel or reject a booking or make adjustments due to “obvious errors”, independent of the origin of such errors.

5) Agoda may use proprietary or third party technology (e.g. Google reCAPTCHA v3) on pages of its Site to keep the Site safe from malicious attackers or anyone who abuses the Site.

6) In addition to the reservation prices, some Accommodations will charge mandatory service fees, surcharges, and local taxes (for example, resort or amenity fees, transportation transfers, and city tourist tax). If we are aware of these service fees and local taxes, we will display them with your reservation price. These service fees and local taxes may be collected directly from you by the Accommodation, in addition to the price you pay for your reservation.

7) During special events and periods, some Accommodations require each guest to purchase additional services (for example, a dinner on New Year’s Eve). If we are aware of a required additional service you must purchase, we will display it in the booking conditions or with your reservation price.

8) For a variety of reasons, payment on the Site may fail. In such cases, Agoda will offer you alternatives to ensure your reservation can go ahead. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service department.

9) For Cancellations, please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the Accommodation’s cancellation and no-show policy, in some cases for the entire stay or the first night.

10) Agoda cannot be held liable for any loss incurred in the event of your failure to hold the necessary passports, visas and documentation for your journey. You are advised to check with the relevant embassies, consulates and/or visa departments of the countries you wish to visit. It is your responsibility to obtain whatever travel documents are required.

11) Agoda does not in any way (directly or indirectly, independently or in conjunction with any party) own, manage, operate or control the Accommodations, or any room in such Accommodations. The Accommodations are liable and responsible for providing accommodation services and welcoming people who have booked through the Site as their guests.

12) Returned items reported late by the merchants, and have cashbacks already credited to the user may lead to deductions in future cashback disbursements to reflect the late merchant adjustment.